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Kura Ora e Ia Ora Na!

Born and raised on the exotic islands of Tahiti and raised on Makemo and Taenga, Mairenui hails from a beautiful family of artists, athletes and owner of pearl farms. Dancing “ori” Tahiti is her passion along with sports. Music and dance were the start of her love for her Polynesian Culture. The wonderful voices of her father and relatives singing everywhere, the sweet melody of the ukulele, the percussions of the “to’ere” and the drumming of the “pahu” were all daily parts of her childhood in the islands and she was always fascinated at the annual Heiva festival. Mairenui has a degree in Tourism, she attended Brigham Young University Hawaii where she performed at the Polynesian Cultural Center in the Tahitian and Marquesas villages under the management of her uncle Raymond. She has lived in Europe, Asia and the United States. In her free time, she is an ambassador for Tahiti and culture by teaching Tahitian private dance lessons and workshops. Mairenui was also on the jury panel for the Tokyo Japan International Heiva.

In addition to creating unique itineraries, she will be taking groups to experience the authenticity of the islands of Tahiti. Join Mairenui on a discovery and exploration journey of the islands of Tahiti.

Mauru’uru, Manava e Ia Ora Na.